This section of the website is where GEO Mountains shares/will share information on i) existing in situ mountain observational infrastructure and associated metadata, and ii) existing useful open-access datasets, tools, and resources.  These continuously maintained inventories will represent key outcomes of GEO Mountains. We invite the the community to add contribute information to both these resources in a 'crowd-sourced' effort.

Ultimately, we hope to improve data discoverability, accessibility, and usability. We foresee that analysis of the in situ infrastructure and general data inventories will enable major thematic, geographical, and/or temporal gaps coverage to be identifed (whether due to a straightforward lack of infrastructure, technical issues, lack of data sharing, etc.). We also hope to assess the extent to which established observational protocols and standards are adhered to at mountainous sites.

Overall, the results of these analyses, along with our community consultation activities, should enable investment and advocacy efforts to be targeted appropriately towards the most critical data, information, and knowledge gaps.

We will also post links any relevant open calls for funding and surveys here. 


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