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GEO Mountains Workshop: Interdisciplinary Monitoring, Data, and Capacity Sharing Across the Hindu Kush Himalaya

06/11/2023 08/11/2023

GEO Mountains Event

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Kathmandu, Nepal

This event is one of a series of engagements that GEO Mountains is undertaking during 2023 under the Adaptation at Altitude Programme.

The workshop's primary aim is to provide a platform to bring together data providers and data users from various disciplines working across theHindu Kush Himalaya (HKH).To complement other ongoing work, the workshops will focus on interdisciplinary in situ data coverage and availability, as well as associated capacity sharing, and possible data exploitation activities. In particular, participants are especially encouraged to share experiences and concrete suggestions to help develop a common overview of existing in situ monitoring efforts, and proceed to discuss how this could be expanded and/or better standardised (e.g. closing key gaps), as well as how the corresponding data could be shared and applied for key outstanding scientific and/or policy questions (for potential follow-up activities).

The concept of “Mountain Observatories” will also be introduced, and its potential applicability to the region discussed. Students and Early Career Researchers will be especially welcome to attend and contribute.

Save the date: 6-8 November 2023

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