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International Mountain Conference 2022

12/09/2022 16/09/2022

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Where: Innsbruck, Austria

When: 12-16 September 2022

Why: Follow-up of IMC2019

Interested: Register for IMC2022 Mailing list. 

Requests: Welcome via imc2022@uibk.ac.at

Twitter: twitter.com/imountainconf

Free registration for IMC2022: Three free registrations for IMC2019 participants (transferable to other researchers) will be provided in the context of the "IMC2022-mug-challenge". 

S4SSS 2022: Student for Student Summer School 2022 (based on S4SSS 2019) will be offered one week before IMC2022 dependend on PhD students' interest. Any updates will be provided through IMC2022 mailling list. 

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